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Electrical Panel Upgrades in San Jose, CA

It is a difficult task to keep your home up-to-date. The average lifespan of a house is 35 years. This means that most of the homes available for purchase have outlets and wiring that cannot handle the electrical requirements of modern appliance and gadgets. So whether you are looking to update your home or office or renovating entirely, Mister Sparky offers electrical panel upgrades in San Jose, CA, to get you up to speed. From sub panel installation or circuit breaker upgrades, we have more than 30 years of experience keeping homes and offices in the modern state they need to be to handle the ever-increasing electrical loads.

Circuit Breaker Upgrades Increase Your Electrical Capacity

Computers, phones, and even power tools need more and more electricity to operate. This increase in electricity can lead to older, outdated circuit breaks tripping regularly whenever you try to do something as simple as power a table-saw. With our expert circuit breaker upgrades, rest assured that your home or business will have the amps necessary to power all of the electronics you use in your day to day life. As the complexity of appliances and computers increase, you need to be able to accommodate the increase in amps. From upgrading circuit breakers to installing new wires, we have the certification and expertise to get the job done right, satisfaction guaranteed.

Optimize You Home with Sub Panel Installation

If your home is older or particularly outdated, it may be necessary to seek electrical panel installation services from us to facilitate new circuit breakers. Sub panels operate similarly to your main circuit breaker panel, feeding bus bars and circuit breakers with wires.

Electrical Panel Upgrade in San Jose, CA
While not providing any extra electricity, sub panels break up the electrical load into parceled sections, allowing for more electronics to be hooked up in specific parts of the house. By spreading out the load, you optimize the way in which electricity is spread through your home, allowing for increased usage and a decrease in monthly power bills.

From Electrical Panel Installation to Panel Upgrades

If you want the options from electrical panel installation, but don't feel like they do enough, consider combing them with our panel upgrade services. These devices are capable of increasing the amps available for your use. Combined with new panels, you'll see a massive increase in the utility of your electrical system, allowing for any room and any outlet in the house to handle a large load of electronic devices. An updated system also greatly increases the safety of your electrical system, helping to prevent accidental electrocutions and fires.

Contact us for an expert who can give your home or office the efficiency it needs to keep up with the modern world. We are proud to serve San Jose, Mountain View, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, and Milpitas, California, and the surrounding area.

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